Construction Projects

Each year Beaumont takes on capital projects that help maintain or improve the municipality’s infrastructure. Construction projects are budgeted for each year through Beaumont's budget process. 


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Sidewalk closure on 50 street

Maina Phase II - Google Maps View WITH SIGNAGE INTENTIONS

Sidewalk closure on 50 street due to construction activities

Starting 7 AM on Monday October 23.

Notice is being distributed to business owners in the area first. I anticipate those notices being delivered by tomorrow morning.

Dansereau Soccer Field Upgrade

•Construction completion September 9, 2017

•Soccer Field will remain closed until 2018, this will allow sod to establish

Reason for construction:

•Slope on the field makes it unusable for soccer games.
•This includes regrading and concrete swale construction
•Grass will take longer to establish.
Snow fence will be moved inwards once heavy equipment is gone in order to allow free passage along the path.

Dansereau Soccer Field Upgrade

Quick Summary of Project:

  • Wilco will regrade and re-seed the soccer field so that it meets Beaumont Soccer Association standards.
  • The field can accommodate a men’s game in the north-south orientation as well as two youth games east-west orientation.
  • A 1.5m deep swale with very shallow slopes will be created on the west side of the field in order to contain and allow rain water to travel north and eventually be picked up by catch basins.
  • A 600mm Concrete swale will also be constructed along the back of lots 73-77 (5812 – 5804 along – 57 Avenue). This concrete swale will be used to mitigate ponding issues along the back of lots due to spring run-off and heavy rainfalls.
  • The grade on the swale is at 0.65% traveling west.
  • The flow will be picked up the catch basin along Lot 73 (5812 57 Avenue)

For more information contact:

Project Manager: Alvaro Soto, T: 780-929-4304, C: 780-231-1605, E:

Asphalt Trail Closure - Construction Underway

The portion of trail highlighted in red will be closed until further notice and the alternate routes in green must be used.

Asphalt Trail

If you have any questions, please contact the Town of Beaumont at 780-929-1372 or

Cairns Storm Water Management Facility (SWMF) Upgrade

  • The project involved the upgrading of the storage capacity of the existing dry pond to be capable of handling a 1:100 year 24 hour storm event 
  • Construction completion July 12, 2017
Cairns SWMF Upgrade

If you have any questions regarding this project please contact:

Alvaro Soto, C.E.T. 
Project Manager
(780) 929-4304 

50 Avenue Streetscape

Beaumont Council approved the 50 Avenue Streetscape improvements and the project will be considered in the 2018 budget cycle. This project will continue to support the vision of the Centre-ville area. As per the goals and objectives in the Downtown Urban Design Concept Plan (DUDCP), 50 Avenue is another critical piece of infrastructure that will support the vision, enhance the area and set the stage for continued redevelopment activities.
Beaumont, Alberta: 50th Avenue Streetscape