1. About Beaumont

    With a population of more than 17,700, the Municipality of Beaumont is the seventh fastest growing community in Canada.

  2. My Account

    Beaumont's new account inquiry system lets you see your property tax and utility account and your pet licensing information. Request your personalized Customer ID if you didn't receive it in mail( last sent out on November 16, 2016).

  3. Bylaws

    View the bylaws that govern and direct Beaumont.

  4. Beaumont Facilities

    View all facilities, including parks, sports fields, and community centres in Beaumont.

  5. Beaumont Administration Office

    Some of the services performed by Admin employees include regular road, utilities and park maintenance, utilities and tax billing, and emergency and recreation services.

  6. Clearwater Cemetery

    Find details regarding the Clearwater Cemetery in Beaumont.

  7. Communiqué

    Beaumont Communiqué is a bimonthly newsletter for the residents of Beaumont, Alberta. It offers scoop on all important news (event etc) and updates on development projects in Beaumont.

  8. Community Centre

    Beaumont Community Centre has the largest community hall banquet facility in the county, with two dedicated entrances for the Banquet Facility, private pre-function area, and a seating capacity of 500, the new Beaumont Community Centre is ideal for Weddings, Company Banquets, Concerts, Dances, Birthday Parties, and so much more! A retractable wall system will be available to allow for two functions to be held in the Banquet Facility or retracted for one large event.

  1. Community Outlets

    Find events, news, and a platform to voice your thoughts.

  2. Council Meetings & Minutes

    Better understand the main governing board of Beaumont and their work for the community.

  3. Utilities Signups-Cancellation

    As a new resident to Beaumont, please find related forms and documents that you will need to get started setting up or moving your utility accounts in Beaumont.

  4. Parks & Facilities

    Check out area parks, facilities, and a list of their amenities.

  5. Police, Fire, EMS & Municipal Enforcement

    Learn about your local law enforcement departments that keep Beaumont safe and running.

  6. Solid Waste Services

    Find various collection services, such as a personalized solid waste services and curbside pickup schedule on your smartphone.

  7. Road, Sidewalk & Trails Maintenance

    Learn more about how Beaumont maintains the roads, sidewalks and trails in the community.

  8. Taxation and Utilities

    Learn more about how taxes help pay for various Town services.