Neighbourhood Renewal Program

The 2017 Neighbourhood Renewal Program (NRP) is coming to streets in Beauridge, Beau Meadow, and Centre-Ville.

 The 2017 NRP will see the sidewalks and gutters replaced and the roadway repaved at these locations Beaumont:
 5500 and 5600 blocks of 54th Street
 5600 block of 53rd Street
 5300, 5400, and 5600 blocks of 56th Ave
 5600 block of 55th Street
 5400, and 5500 blocks of 57th Ave
 5600 block of 56th Street
 Beau Meadow
 4300 block cul-de-sac on 43rd Street north of 43rd Ave
 5000, 5100, 5200 block on 49th Ave

Construction is slated to begin after the May long weekend (weather dependent, of course) and run approximately three months.
There will be minor disturbances for the duration of the project; however, crews will work to minimize delays. At the end of the project, residents will have fresh concrete sidewalks, gutters and asphalt. We thank people in advance for their patience.
The total project budget is $1.39 million; however, with the current economic times we expect to see very competitive bids and we expect to come in under budget.