Invistec Consulting Ltd., on behalf of 1662825 Alberta Ltd. has submitted an Area Structure Plan, called the Elan Area Structure Plan, for land on the west side of Beaumont. The plan area is bordered by Range Road 244 to the west, Township Road 510 to the north, Range Road 243 to the east, and Highway 625 to the south. The plan area comprises 515 hectares (two sections of land).

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a statutory plan adopted by Council by bylaw under the Municipal Government Act. The Plan must comply with Provincial Legislation and Regulations and higher order Statutory Plans such as the Intermunicipal Development Plan and the Municipal Development Plan. An Area Structure Plan provides a framework on future development of undeveloped areas. All undeveloped or unplanned areas in Beaumont are required have an approved ASP prior to further development.  
Land Use Concept09.20.2017