Lot Grading

The Specifics of Lot Grading 

Lot grading consists of sloping the land within a lot to direct the flow of surface water away from a building's foundation. The sloping helps direct the water towards a suitable outlet where it can be discharged safely and according to the approved lot grading plan without negatively affecting abutting properties.


 * Last Date of receiving applications of NEW lot grading inspections –  

September 30, 2022 *

 * Last Date of receiving requests for RE-INSPECTIONS –  October 14, 2022 *
 * Last day of site inspection – October 28, 2022 (weather dependent) *

  Please contact us at LotGrading@beaumont.ab.ca if you have any questions.

Rough Grading Process

 Beaumont requires homeowners to have an approved rough grade certification before proceeding with topsoil. The inspection fee is paid at the time the building permit is applied for. 
 A rough grade is achieved by the home builder. Once it has been completed and approved by the City inspector, the homeowner will be mailed an approved rough grading certificate along with a letter of approval. This certificate needs to be used as a guideline when applying topsoil and cannot be deviated from.  

Once a rough grade is approved, topsoil can be applied. Beaumont recommends sod or seed is not applied until a final grade has been approved. Once the final grade certificate and payment have been received, your property will automatically be added to the inspection list. The inspection will be completed in the sequence it is received, weather and inspection volume permitting.

Final Grading Process

Once rough grade has been approved, a final grade inspection is required. The final grade is to be completed within one year of rough grade approval in order to avoid penalties outlined in the Surface Drainage Bylaw 732-08.  
After your topsoil has been put down, request a final grade certificate from an Alberta Land Surveyor or Registered Architect and submit to the City.  A final grade inspection fee must be paid before the final grade inspection will be completed. 
See Fees and Charges.

Inspection Payment

Please visit Beaumont City Hall Reception located at 5600 49 Ave for payment of fees. Regular office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. A copy of your receipt and final grade certificate must be forwarded in one email to lotgrading@beaumont.ab.ca to request a final inspection.

See Fees and Charges.

Approval Process Guidelines

 For a complete explanation of both the rough and final grading processes, please read through our Lot Grading Guidelines. 

More Information

 For more information on final grade please see Almost Finished a Guide on How to Achieve Final Grade. 

 For more information on maintaining your grade please see Maintaining Your Grade a Guide to Effective Yard Drainage

 General information please see Lot Grading FAQs


You can reach Lot Grading by e-mail at lotgrading@beaumont.ab.ca