Business Licenses


To operate a business located in Beaumont you must hold a valid Development Permit and Beaumont Business License. Business licenses need to be renewed annually and expire on December 31 of each year.

Business License Application

A completed Business License Application can be mailed or dropped off with payment to Beaumont Administration Office.

Non-Profit Organizations

A charitable or non-profit organization conducting business or fundraising shall be exempt from licensing requirements.


View the Fees and Charges Brochure for details regarding fees for home-based businesses, commercial, seasonal, temporary, home builder and general contractors.

Home Based Businesses

A home-based business (HBB) is any business that is considered to be operating out of a dwelling unit. All home-based businesses require development approval before the business license can be processed.

Strict office and telephone business is considered a "Minor Home Based Business" and does not require an appeal period or notification of adjacent properties. For any other business, there is a 21-day appeal period for a "Major Home-Based Business" in which appeals may be made to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. A $100.00 fee applies for each appeal.

Home Based Business Application Package

For more information on other types of businesses please e-mail