50 Avenue Streetscape

50 Avenue is a critical corridor in Beaumont. Enhancement of 50 Avenue will shift its priority from vehicle-first to a pedestrian-friendly environment which will support existing business and redevelopment activities. The future streetscaping is aimed at enhancing Beaumont's downtown core and creating a more accommodating environment for activities during all seasons. The future streetscape will include:

  • Enhanced sidewalks 
  • New streetlights
  • Larger planting areas
  • Brighter and safer pedestrian zones
  • Increased parking

Last year, utility relocations were completed on 50 Avenue but some utility work is remaining which will be completed this summer. The final phase of the 50 Avenue Streetscape project, road and sidewalk construction, is being put forward for the 2022 budget and will be confirmed later this year.

  1. Project Updates
  2. Project Phases
  3. Project Goals

Summer 2021 - 50 Avenue Utility Relocations

Starting early July and planned to run until early September, certain utility services will be re-located (primarily Telus and Apex gas services) between 50 Street and 56 Street. The first portion of the work in July will require the closure of the south sidewalk, parking lane and the south driving lane on 50 Ave. This means that traffic will be diverted accordingly. The north parking lane will be used to divert traffic therefore no parking lanes will be available during the majority of July.

In August, the work will switch primarily to the north side of 50 Avenue. The north sidewalk and parking lane will be closed for the majority of August but driving lanes will only be minimally impacted.

July_August Work_V2