Land Use Bylaw

Land Use Bylaw 796-12

In effect January 23, 2013, the Land Use Bylaw is a statutory document which establishes regulations and standards for the use and development of land and buildings in Beaumont. This Bylaw affects every landowner in Beaumont. It divides the municipality into specific districts that dictate what uses are permitted and/or discretionary, contains details on how to make applications for development permits, how and by who decisions on applications are made, and the conditions that can be attached. The Land Use Bylaw also contains regulations regarding setbacks, landscaping, parking and building heights.

Highlights of Changes to the Land Use Bylaw

  • Significant changes to Districts (Residential, Commercial, Multifamily)
  • Parking
  • Secondary Suites/Garage Suites
  • Front yard setbacks in Residential Districts