Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy

Alberta municipalities are legislated by the Province of Alberta to comply with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). Beaumont's FOIP Coordinator is responsible for administering the provisions of this Act for the City of Beaumont.

The FOIP Act is based on 2 essential principles - the right to access information and the right to privacy. Beaumont is committed to complying with the FOIP Act, and supporting its principles. Beaumont ensures residents and employees that privacy principles are adhered to for the collection, use, retention and disclosure of personal information as it applies to Beaumont programs, software, operations and procedures.

Informal Requests

If you would like to make an informal request to receive/review records, please contact the FOIP Coordinator at 780-929-8782 and every effort will be made to provide you with the information you are interested in.

Formal Requests

If you would like to make a formal request, there are specific guidelines set out by the FOIP Act that determine whether information may be released either entirely or in part. Consideration to releasing information is carefully weighed against stipulations set out by the FOIP Act.

If you would like to request information that is not routinely available, you are required to complete the application (download on side), along with a $25 administration fee. Additional fees may be charged in accordance with the FOIP legislation and Beaumont's fees and charges schedule.

The more information provided on the request, the more efficiently the request can be answered, i.e., dates, times and locations will assist with processing the request.