Municipal Census

Beaumont is Growing

Beaumont’s population continues to grow, with the 2019 Municipal Census reporting a population of 19,236, a 2.2% increase over the 2018 population of 18,829. Beaumont’s population grew by 407 people.

As in 2018, residents had the opportunity to use a unique PIN code to complete the census questions online. 51.37% of residents opted for online submissions in 2019.

2019 Census Highlights

Beaumont's Population Growth

Why Do We Do a Census?

Each spring, the City of Beaumont conducts a municipal census. Departments use this vital information to gain a clear picture of the needs of Beaumont citizens and guides planning decisions accordingly. Outcomes affecting future transportation networks and the locations of schools, parks, utilities, and fire protection facilities are largely based on population growth statistics collected in the municipal census. In addition, many federal and provincial grants are awarded on a per capita basis, and a complete census count ensures that maximum grant funds are received.

Your responses to the census are used in a variety of ways, such as:

  • to collect grant dollars for programs and services in Beaumont;
  • to attract new business opportunities; and
  • to get a good snapshot of the people who call Beaumont home.

This leads to a better use of resources and better programs and services for Beaumont!

Who Is Included?

Anyone who considers the address to be their "usual residence" on May 1st should be counted, including:

  • Boarders
  • Household Employees
  • "Usual residents" away from home to study, on vacation, or away for work

Data Security

Residents' data is protected in multiple ways:

  • All Census Workers are aware of FOIP and Confidentiality practices;
  • All Census data is securely stored within Canada;
  • Census data is only released down to neighbourhood level. No individual information is traceable to        any particular household.


For the first time, the City of Beaumont is offering options outside of the traditional gender response options. We want all Beaumont residents included in the census count, and offering more than the traditional male/female gender options ensures that no one is excluded and that everyone can accurately and honestly count themselves in. Gender information will be released on a municipal level.