Snow and Ice Control

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Beaumont's Operations staff monitor the forecast and begins plowing and sanding at any time, 24 hours a day, when snow has accumulated to five centimetres, or when excessive drifting has occurred. Streets are cleared based on a priority system to ensure the highest traffic roadways are addressed first. The first priority is the arterial roads in Beaumont along with the other major roadways.

To find out the priority level of your property, use the interactive map to locate your address.

Snow and Ice Control Status 

Regularly updated status for Snow and Ice Control operations
Snow and Ice Control Status Priority
Roadway Ice Control Ongoing Priority 1 & 2
Roadway Plowing  Ongoing Priority 1 & 2
Roadway Snow Removal Ongoing Priority 1 & 2
Trail and Sidewalk Snow Plowing Ongoing Priority 1 & 2


Date Timeframe Locations
Ongoing Signage Signs will be placed at road entrances two days prior to the areas that have been scheduled.​
Ongoing Graders Graders will move snow from curbs to center windrow. 
​Windrows will have breaks at all intersections to accommodate traffic.
Ongoing Blower Blower will move in with trucks to begin snow removal.
Ongoing Dump Trucks Contracted for Snow Removal during this stage.