Redistricting & Subdivision Process

Redistricting is often done in conjunction with subdivision. For more information on the subdivision process, view the subdivision page.

Application Submission

Upon receiving a completed application, the Planning Division will circulate, evaluate, and make a recommendation regarding your proposal.

Circulation of the Application

Redistricting applications are circulated to required government departments, adjacent landowners, and local authorities for their review and comments.

Recommendation & Decision

Following review, Planning staff will present the application for First Reading to Council. Following First Reading, a public hearing will be held to give the applicant and the public the opportunity to provide comments on the application. Second and third reading are held after the public, often on the same day. The application is deemed approved by Council after the third reading.

Make an Application

To make a Land Use Bylaw Amendment or Redistricting Application, download and complete the Land Use Bylaw Amendment and Redistricting Application Package.