Water Leaks

Unusual water usage can be detected by smart water meters

Some residences in Beaumont have a "smart" E-coder water meter which can alert you to a “leak.” 

“Leak” means unusual water usage and doesn't necessarily mean a plumbing leak or basement flooding. Most commonly, leak messages happen when toilets are continuously running, sprinklers fail to shut off as programmed or humidifiers are wasting water. 

The average home uses water intermittently throughout the day with periods of time with no usage (such as overnight when people are sleeping). If water use has no breaks ("continuous"), an alert is generated and will show on your utility bill (as well as the water meter itself).

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Leak Messages

Your utility bill can warn you of the possibility of a leak by displaying a leak message (if you have an E-coder water meter). 

Leak messages will indicate a time range and be flagged as:

  • continuous, where there is no break in water usage or 
  • intermittent, when there is high water usage throughout the day.

For ranges of 1-2 days or 3-7 days of leak detected, you can either check for leaks or wait until your next utility bill to see if the trend continues.
 Leaks detected for ranges of 8-14 days, 15-21 days and 22-34 days should be addressed. You can check for leaks and review the Possible Causes of Leaks document [PDF].