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Beaumont has been going through a variety of exciting new projects to help shape our Beaumont for years to come. Click on one of the links below to learn more about what’s going on with each of these projects:

The City of Beaumont held Open Houses on the 22nd and 23rd of January 2020.

The puropse was to present on five plans and to gain thoughts and feedback from residents.

Please see below all five topics that were featured:


Land Use Bylaw Monitoring & Review Update:

The City of Beaumont rewrote its Land Use Bylaw effective April, 2019. After monitoring the land use bylaw applications received over a six month period, the Administration has determined that revisions are required to some of the regulations in order to continue to achieve desired development.⠀

Some of the goals:⠀
· Be easy to use and understand⠀
· Provide clarity on application process & decisions⠀
· Provide flexibility on site design⠀

With these goals in mind, some of the proposed amendments include:⠀

· Setbacks (for example, removing the 1.5 metre maximum side yard setback)⠀
· Building Profile Standards (this will still allow for a diverse housing mix such as a secondary suite but will prevent an apartment building or tiny home on a large lot)⠀
· Signage size revision⠀
· Parking (all vehicles are required to be parked on a driveway)⠀
· Home-Based Business (limited to two employees in attendance; difference between Home-Based and Commercial)⠀

Subdivision/Showhome Wayfinding Signage:⠀

  • Matches subdivision wayfinding signage to Beaumont’s brand standards and Land use Bylaw⠀
  • Helps potential new residents & home buyers find new developments when coming to Beaumont⠀
  • Ensures cohesive wayfinding signage while still allowing for individual neighbourhood/developer identity within their respective communities.

Transportation Master Plan:⠀

  • Provides strategic planning for Beaumont’s transportation system;⠀
  • Guides development of transportation infrastructure in newly developing areas;⠀
  • Shapes the redevelopment of roadways, trails, and more in built-up areas;⠀
  • Uses a Complete Streets vision, i.e., the transportation system will provide options for people to walk, cycle, drive, and use transit⠀

Our Centre-Ville Area Redevelopment Plan:⠀

  • Provides a new vision for the redevelopment and revitalization of Centre-Ville (Beaumont’s Downtown) over the next 25+ years;⠀
  • Proposes urban design strategies, land use concepts and policies through four precincts within Centre-Ville: Civic and Institutional Precinct, Downtown Core Precinct, Residential Infill Precinct, and Cultural Heritage Precinct. Each precinct offers a distinct character and a focused theme regarding land use and built form while allowing a diversity of development opportunities throughout the plan area;⠀
  • Describes the required servicing infrastructure such as water, storm and wastewater networks, mobility/transportation networks, parking and access to support development and redevelopment within Centre-Ville;⠀
  • Provides for implementation and monitoring strategies to support continuous improvement of the Plan.

Beaumont Urban Design Guidelines:

  • Replaces the current French Village Design Guidelines
  • Provides a clear and direct implementation approach for urban design elements in Beaumont
  • Recognizes the unique French character and historic roots of Beaumont and allows for contemporary, sustainable design to emerge
  • Allows developers to understand the values and qualities that make Beaumont unique and remarkable and to set expectation and level of quality for different types of development in the community
  • Establishes overarching principles based on:
     1. History and Identity   2. Quality and Durability   3. Accessibility and Adaptability
  • Streamlines the approval process – integrating with the development permit application process


You can also view our high level presentation that was shared at the events here:


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