Taxation and Utilities

Taxes help pay for City services such as:
  • Family Services
  • Fire
  • Parks
  • Police
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Road Maintenance
  • Snow Removal

Assessment & Supplemental Assessment

Combined Assessment and Taxation Notices are mailed at the end of May with taxes due June 30th unless enrolled on our Tax Installment Plan. Combined Supplemental Assessment and Taxation Notices are mailed at the end of October with taxes due November 30. You are still required to pay this amount in full even if you are enrolled on the Tax Installment Plan.

Property Taxes

Your property tax includes the educational tax rate set by the Province of Alberta. These taxes are collected by the City for the province to fund public and separate schools. Council cannot change the education rates set by the province. Property Search Link

Change of Address

To update your mailing address for tax-related notices, please complete the change of address form (PDF) and return it to the Tax Department.

School Declaration

Now that Beaumont has two school districts, Public and Roman Catholic, individuals can declare support for property taxes to a specific district. If you would like to declare support for the Roman Catholic separate school district, fill out the School Support Form (PDF) and submit to the City.

Look on your assessment to see what you have currently declared.

For more information please go to the Municipal Affairs website or contact the Municipality of Beaumont.

Tax Penalty Schedule

(as per Bylaw 1000-21)
Tax penalties are legislated by Council and cannot be waived, unless otherwise directed by Council.
Date Tax Penalty
July 1   6 per cent of current levy
September 1   3 per cent of current levy
November 1   3 per cent of current levy
January 1 12 per cent of total balance outstanding
April 1   5 per cent of total balance outstanding

Tax Certificates

In order to obtain a tax certificate, fax a request to 780-929-8729.

There is a cost of $25 for this service, which will be invoiced to you when the tax certificate is prepared. We process tax certificates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons at which time we will fax your tax certificate immediately and mail the original. Please allow up to 48 hours for your request to be processed, as we are unable to do ‘rush' tax certificates at this time.

Tax certificates can now be ordered online through the City of Beaumont website. Please email to register for this service.

For more information or questions regarding tax certificates, please contact us.