Emergency Planning

Beaumont has an Emergency Response Organization (ERO) that provides emergency planning and assists in an integrated response capability. The ERO provides the operational resources to support an emergency response within the City limits, regardless of the size or nature of the incident. Depending on the size or nature of the incident, different elements of the ERO will be activated or mobilized, as required.

Beaumont ERO is Made Up of 3 Elements:

  1. Beaumont's Council
  2. Emergency Operations Centre
  3. Incident Command Post (at the event)


The ERO is responsible for the overall direction and support of an integrated response, unless it is requested that the Province assume that role under Section 18 of the Province of Alberta Emergency Management Act.

The ERO Functions are to:

  • Provide an effective response to an emergency situation.
  • Carry out immediate emergency response activities that are within the capabilities of the City's resources and training.
  • Mobilize external emergency resources as required.
  • Coordinate the resources employed with the City of Beaumont.
Beaumont's Municipal Emergency Plan, is used by the ERO as a guide to prepare for, and respond to major emergencies and disasters affecting the City.

In an emergency dial 911.