Municipal Enforcement

Purpose & Staff

Community Peace Officers are appointed by Beaumont Council to enforce municipal bylaws; and by the Alberta Solicitor General to enforce provincial statues (Animal Protection Act, Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act, Traffic Safety Act and Regulations).

The staff consists of the Municipal Enforcement Supervisor, one School Resource Officer, one general duty Municipal Enforcement Officer, one Bylaw Officer, and multiple casual and seasonal staff members. In addition to regular duties, Community Peace Officers conduct routine proactive patrols throughout the community by vehicle, bike and foot patrol.

Did you know?

Municipal Enforcement has a 24/7 phone number: 780.851.9992

A 24-hour dedicated dispatch service provides residents with the opportunity to speak with a professional dispatcher that is trained in obtaining all necessary information, determining whether or not the call should be routed to the RCMP, and assigning the file to the next available officer. 

Call Municipal Enforcement if you...

  • have a concern / complaint regarding a general bylaw matter (parking, unsightly property, noise, sidewalk snow removal)
  • have an animal control concern that is non-aggressive in nature (animal at large, contained animal, nuisance barking)

Please ensure that you provide full contact information and occurrence details to assist officers in investigating the complaint. Any call of a non-urgent matter will be addressed on the next available business day/shift.

Any concerns requiring the RCMP or which are criminal matters should be directed to 780.929.7400 or 911.

Please dial 911 for any call relating to a dog bite or animal displaying aggressive behaviour.

Animal Control

Beaumont has adopted a community-minded approach to having a pet in your family. Responsible pet ownership will be an ongoing promotion throughout the program. We all have accountability to ensure that our pets can be integrated into the community in a safe and enjoyable manner.

A few key elements of responsible pet ownership are:

  • Licensing your pet and having permanent identification
  • Spaying or neutering, as a best practice
  • Proper positive socialization with other dogs or people

If you have located a stray cat or dog:

  • Please try to identify the animal through a license/tag or other identifiers
  • If Municipal Enforcement is not available please contact the RCMP for assistance 
  • Stray animals cannot be impounded without contacting an officer first
All dogs and cats over the age of 6 months that reside in Beaumont must have an animal license.

Traffic Enforcement

The following roadways have been identified as traffic enforcement priorities:

  • The 50 Street corridor, which is not only the main access point for the majority of businesses in Beaumont, but also used by a significant portion of out-of-town travellers.
  • Patrols of 50 Street and 50 Avenue during the peak times of congestion during the morning and evening traffic rush of commuters.
  • All school zones in Beaumont are in effect weekdays from 7:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. inclusive.
  • Patrols of school zones before and after school times when children are arriving to and leaving from schools.
  • Weekend and evening patrols of residential and commercial areas including parking lots when traffic is higher.
  • Observation of all intersections during patrols as almost half of all collisions occurred within these areas.

Community Peace Officers conduct proactive patrols and dedicated traffic operations in strategic areas to create a positive effect on driver awareness while decreasing speeds and improving overall traffic collision avoidance.