Fitness Centre & Programs

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Fitness Centre

Closed for construction. Some classes running at the CCBCC during the closure.

Fitness Programs - Drop-in

Water fitness classes are running at the centre while dry fitness classes are running at the CCBCC.

Fitness Programs - Registered

The centre runs registered fitness classes each session so you can meet your fitness goals. You do not need a membership to register - simply sign up for the course and pay the fee. Location of classes will vary.

Personal Training

Looking for some individualized attention to help you meet your fitness goals? Look to personal training. The Aqua-Fit Centre has certified trainers who will work with you, your lifestyle and your timeline. Schedule an assessment today by talking to someone at the guest service desk.

Personal Training Hourly Rate

Item Fee
Youth (13-17) $47.50
Adult (18-59) $58.50
Senior (60+) $47.50
Exercise Consultation $42.50
Fitness Assessment $32.00

Personal Training Package Rate

Package Fee
5 Sessions 5% discount off hourly rate
10 Sessions 10% discount off hourly rate
20 Sessions 15% discount off hourly rate

Prices subject to 2018 Budget approval.