Free Programs

Beaumont is the ideal place for an active healthy lifestyle. Various outdoor and indoor opportunities are available for families and individuals to explore.

Free outdoor and indoor public skating is available from September to March. Beaumont residents can enjoy a number of fun year around outdoor/indoor opportunities:


  • 4 kilometer walk or run around the Ring Road
  • Walk or run on or over 22.5 kilometer trail system including trails around Don Sparrow Lake
  • Skateboard Park
  • Trout Fishing/Ice fishing - Parc Quatre Saisons/Four Seasons Park /Don Sparrow Lake (Alberta Recreational Fishing License Fee Information)
  • Outdoor Basketball courts - Parc Reservoir Park
  • Ball diamonds, soccer pitches, football fields
  • Tennis/Pickleball Courts - Central Park (information on dates/times below)
  • Tobogganing at Parc Saint Vital Park (Tobogganing Safety Tips)
  • Outdoor Skating at Bellevue School (boarded rink), Dansereau, Parc Milieu Park, Parc Nature Park, and Parc Saint Vital Park (unboarded), and the skate trail at Lion's RV Park.
  • Snowshoeing or cross country skiing at Parc Quatre Saisons/Four Seasons Park
  • Various playground apparatus at many of the parks in Beaumont