Neighbourhood Renewal Program

Beaumont will be completing neighbourhood renewal in:

Beauridge (55 Avenue, 55 Street, 56 Street and 54 Avenue)
Project Tentative Timeline: End of June - End of September

Beau Meadows (45 Avenue and 47 Street) and
Glenbrae Meadows (45 Street)
Project Tentative Timeline: Mid May - Mid July

 Beauridge (55 Avenue, 55 Street, 56 Street and 54 Avenue) Beau Meadows (45 Avenue and 47 Street) and Glenbrae Meadows (45 Street) 

Neighbourhood Renewal Program is a cost-effective, long-term strategic approach to address infrastructure needs such a rebuilding and renewing roads, sidewalks and the underground networks.

Every year local roadways are visually inspected to assess the condition of pavement, curbs and sidewalks. Deficiencies are compared with previous ratings, then averaged for the neighbourhood. This average determines the kind of renewal needed. Factors affecting selection and timing include infrastructure condition, budget and coordination with utilities.

Renewal work varies depending on the state of neighbourhood infrastructure, by combining reconstruction, overlays and preventative maintenance, all of Beaumont’s neighbourhood can be improved. This benefits neighborhoods quicker and at a lower cost than a full reconstruction program.

The Neighbourhood Renewal Program is designed for the following:

  • Bring infrastructure up to current design and construction standards;
  • Improve pedestrian safety and accessibility;
  • Add curb ramps to intersections;
  • Install lower profile roll-faced curbs or straight face curbs based on design requirements and surrounding environment; and
  • Consider curb extensions at pedestrian crossings near schools, community halls and playgrounds.
With any construction there are always challenges, and this is amplified when construction takes place in established neighbourhoods. It is never the intention of Beaumont or the contractor to cause any inconvenience.


CITY OF BEAUMONT - Project Manager
Questions or concerns regarding construction and/ or contractor
Alvaro Soto
Cell - 780-231-1605
Direct - 780-929-4304
Email - 


Park Aid will be completing construction scheduled for your area. Employees will be wearing clearly marked clothing.

Hours of Construction

Monday to Friday 7 am-11 pm
Saturday 8 am to 10 pm
Sundays and Statutory Holidays 9 am to 10 pm.

Beauridge (55 Avenue, 55 Street, 56 Street and 54 Avenue)
  1. Parking
  2. Garbage Collection
  3. Emergency Response
  4. Mail

Roadways and sidewalks will be closed during some portions of construction, limiting driveway access for a few hours to several days. The Contractor will work with residents by providing temporary gravel access as required. If you are parking elsewhere in your neighbourhood, be sure to obey street signs and be courteous to other residents.