Our Complete Community: Municipal Development Plan

MDP Cover Image

Our Complete Community: Municipal Development Plan was initiated in 2016 in collaboration with the residents and stakeholders in Beaumont. The purpose of this plan is to guide future growth and development for the community over the next 30 years. Our Complete Community celebrates our local context and incorporates successful community building practices to plan growth in a responsible way, both within the community and regionally.

A Municipal Development Plan is a statutory planning document that sets out a clear vision for Beaumont’s future and serves as an important decision-making tool for Municipal Council, Administration, and all stakeholders to guide the future development of the entire community. Section 632 of the Municipal Government Act requires all municipalities in the Province of Alberta to adopt a Municipal Development Plan. In addition, section 639(2) of Municipal Government Act states that an Area Structure Plan or an Area Redevelopment Plan must align with the Municipal Development Plan of a municipality.