Transportation Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan

A Transportation Master Plan creates and implements a long-term strategy to guide the planning, development, renewal and maintenance of a multi-modal transportation system (i.e. to support walking, cycling, and driving) in a manner that is consistent with our collective needs, and aligned with Beaumont's growth and the overall vision set out in the Municipal Development Plan.

Recent Engagement Events

An Open House for the Transportation Master Plan was held on May 11, 2017. The purpose of the Open House was to collect feedback on key policies and plans. The board that were displayed at the event can be viewed here. The policy workbook can be viewed here.

Beaumont hosted a Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Engagement Event on November 17, 2016. Three main topics were discussed; Active Living, Travel Speeds, and Vehicular Travel. The full presentation can be viewed here. The summary of feedback collected can be viewed here, and the evaluation summary here.

Project Timeline