Winter Safety

You can expect our snow and ice control equipment to be on the roads, trails and sidewalks after a snowfall, or when snow and ice accumulations are high. Please exercise extra caution when you encounter our snow and ice control equipment.

Snow equipment have blind spots which can make it difficult for equipment operators to see pedestrians and vehicles, especially when visibility may be reduced due to poor weather conditions.

Operators need space to complete their snow and ice control work during Beaumont’s winter maintenance programs. Once our crews and equipment are deployed to complete snow clearing, plowing, removal and sanding we are all urged to take a safety-first approach while we share the roads.

Signs are placed at entrances of roadways when snow plowing or removal is in process and incomplete. Removal of your vehicle from roadways will ensure crews can complete their work in a safe manner.  Clear roadways also ensure roads are cleared more effectively.

Operators and their equipment are working for you to have the safest possible commute throughout Beaumont.

Tips when you encounter any of our snow and ice control equipment on our roads, trails and sidewalks:

 Information provided by “Stay Back, Stay Safe” campaign.

Winter Road Safety