Public Works ensures drainage in Beaumont through sewers, storm water management facilities and the LeBlanc Canal.  All storm water (rain water) eventually ends up in the North Saskatchewan River.

During our annual spring thaw (March or April), ponding will occur on our roadways.  Our team works to resolve ponding concerns as quickly as possible. We will prioritize the concerns by traffic volume on our roadways. 

Our crews will be working along the edges of roadways clearing snow, ice, garbage, leaves and debris from the drains located in the curbs.

We would like to thank residents, in advance, for assisting in clearing catch basins (drains) on their streets. 

  1. Storm Services
  2. Resources for Residents
Most houses in Beaumont have a storm service that drains the groundwater around the house with assistance of a sump pump.  Storm services in Beaumont are above the frost line.  In winter months, storm services can freeze so we encourage our residents to hook up a hose to the "Y" pipe beside their house to allow the ground water from your sump pump to flow away from your foundation.

Connect Hose to Y Pipe