Water, Sewer & Drainage

Water distribution and wastewaster collection (sewers) are part of your utility services with the City of Beaumont. Drainage in Beaumont refers to water moving through storm sewers, storm water management facilities and the LeBlanc Canal.

Operations ensures drainage in Beaumont through storm sewers, storm water management facilities, and the LeBlanc Canal. All storm water (rain water, snow thaw, and surface drainage) eventually makes its way to North Saskatchewan River.

During our annual spring thaw (March or April), natural ponding will occur on our roadways. Our team works to resolve ponding concerns as quickly as possible, through snow plowing, snow removal, catch basin clearing, swale clearing, and culvert steaming. We will prioritize the concerns by traffic volume on our roadways and public safety.

Our crews will be working along the edges of roadways clearing snow, ice, garbage, leaves and debris from the catch basins (drains) located along the curbs and gutters.

We would like to thank residents, in advance, for assisting in clearing catch basins (drains) on their streets.

Storm Water Management FacilitiesStorm Water Management Pond
See more information on our Storm Water Management Facilities here.

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For after-hours water and wastewater emergencies, call: 780-955-7778

For questions about drinking water, call: 780-929-4300

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