Water Meters

Attention Contractors:

In response to the recent pandemic surrounding the COVID-19 virus, the City of Beaumont is temporarily adjusting their installation procedure to keep operators and builders safe. Until further notice: 

  • We will follow Building Services approach and only enter homes if no one is present.
  • Builders will either have to unlock the door to the home in advance or provide a code to enter the home.
 Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call 780-929-4300, or email WaterandWastewater@beaumont.ab.ca

Beaumont Operations Water Meter Permit Process has been updated as of July 14, 2021.
Highlights of requirements:

  • A Water Meter Permit must be completed for all new water meter installs (Residential and Commercial). Ensure you use the appropriate permit; there is now a Residential form and a Commercial form.
  • This permit will be accessible on the Beaumont website. (There is no charge to complete the permit)
  • Schematic Drawings will outline various meter settings, standards and guidelines.
  • Failure to adhere to the standards and guidelines will result in a refusal to install by the City of Beaumont and the Builder will be subject to fees ($150).
  • Commercial Permit application must be submitted thirty (30) days prior to occupancy.
  • Residential Permit application must be submitted fifteen (15) days prior to occupancy.
  • This will allow us sufficient time to approve the permit and install the meter before occupancy.
  • An outlet valve (isolation valve) must be installed on the outlet side of the meter (Residential included).
  • We have provided you with our draft information to allow time for you to become familiar with our new requirements and the established timelines.   
  • IMPORTANT: Water Meter(s) must be installed prior to requesting an Occupancy Inspection.
                                                                                              Water Meter cover photo courtesy of Royer Homes and Neptune Technology Group of Canada
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for Beaumont Water Meter Request Permit Brochure

  1. Summary
  2. Installation Requirements
  3. Standards & Guidelines
  4. Permit Application
  5. Booking Appointment

These are the requirements expected by Beaumont for every water meter installation within the City’s jurisdiction.

Water meters are important instruments used by Beaumont to track water consumption; and, charge an accurate rate of water usage. Water meter installation is recommended during the construction phase and must be completed prior to occupancy of the building.

Reminder: Any water consumption recorded on the water meter before possession date will not be charged to the builder. It is considered construction water. The construction water charge the builder pays at the time of building permit application covers this usage.

A Water Meter Request Permit must be completed and submitted to Beaumont Operations via email to:

  • WaterandWastewater "at" beaumont.ab.ca (replace "at" with symbol @) for approval prior to booking any appointment.

Permits must be submitted prior to occupancy:

  • Thirty (30) days for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-family installs,
  • Fifteen (15) days for Single Family Residential, Condominiums and Row/Townhouses

IMPORTANT: Water Meter(s) must be installed prior to requesting an Occupancy Inspection.