Hydrant Use Permit System

Help Us Protect the Public Water Supply 

Beaumont is committed to encouraging the responsible use of drinking water and maintaining the water system infrastructure to support potable water demands and fire protection needs. With the implementation of the Hydrant Use Permit system, bylaw amendments and your help, together we are striving to ensure a safe drinking water supply to all customers. 

The Hydrant Use Permit System is flexible to meet different needs of hydrant uses. All interested hydrant users must apply and receive approval.

The weather must be above zero degrees Celsius to access a hydrant. If unseasonably cold, Permits may not be granted.

Beaumont Hydrant Permit Brochure

Report Suspected Illegal Hydrant Users

If you see someone withdrawing water from a hydrant without a City supplied backflow/meter assembly or air gap please report this to the Beaumont Operations by calling 780-929-4306. Please include the date, time, location, and vehicle license plate number.


for Beaumont Hydrant Use Permit Brochure


  1. Hydrant Permit Season
  2. Hydrant Use Permit Form
  3. Hydrant Connection Unit
  4. Hydrant Operating Procedure

Hydrant Permit Season

The hydrant permit season will run from May 1st to October 1st . Hydrants and equipment will not be permitted for use prior to May 1st. If hydrant equipment is not returned on or before October 1st the damage deposit will be forfeited.