1. 50 Avenue Streetscape

    50 Avenue is a critical piece of infrastructure that will support Beaumont's vision, enhance the area, and set the stage for continued redevelopment activities.

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  2. CCC and FAC

    Information on the Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) & Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) process.

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  3. General Design Standards

    Beaumont's General Engineering Design Standards

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  4. Lot Grading

    Lot grading consists of sloping the land within a lot to direct the flow of surface water away from a building’s foundation.

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  5. Road Use Agreement

    Engineering Services Road Use Agreement process and application form for the city.

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  6. Water and Wastewater Systems

    The 2023 Utilities & Storm Water Management Master Plan (U&SWMP) is a strategic plan that will guide Beaumont’s progress toward fulfilling the need for updating the water distribution and wastewater systems to support the responsible and planned expansion of the community in the short and long-term (5 and up to 25 years).

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  7. Watermain Commissioning Technical Document

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  9. Road Ban

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  10. Road and Sidewalk Closure

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  11. Development Agreements

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