Automated Traffic Enforcement (Photo Radar)

The City of Beaumont's ATE program is focused on monitoring and enforcing traffic in zones that have the potential of the highest risk to residents. Speeding vehicles can be found in any area of the community, and at any time of the day. The City's ATE program places the highest priority in those areas that are at the highest risk for personal injuries, such as schools and playgrounds.

Photo radar has been employed as a tool to enforce traffic safety within Beaumont since 1998. Beginning in 2010, Global Traffic Group Inc. has been contracted to provide ATE services in Beaumont. The program has evolved to include 40 hours per week of ATE, with 32 hours focused on speeding and the remaining 8 hours on stop violations. City Council recently approved an extension to the existing contract with Global Traffic, which expires December 31st, 2019.

Automated Traffic Enforcement Guidelines

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For more information regarding the photo enforcement program, please contact Global Traffic Group Inc. at 1-877-998-4327 ext. 221 for Ticket Inquiries.