Council Meeting Notes

Stay up to date with council decisions and discussions with the City of Beaumont’s Council Notes. These informal recaps help residents catch up with council meetings in just a few minutes.

Please note these summaries are not an official record of council meetings. Official minutes are posted online once they are approved during a subsequent meeting.

Council Meeting Notes

November 22, 2022

Digital Master Plan (3:05)

Council received a presentation regarding the City’s Digital Master Plan. The plan provides direction for the City to improve online services for residents and enable the use of data and technology to improve City operations.

Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival Report (24:33)

Council received a report regarding the 2022 Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival. The event organizer requested that the City increase its sponsorship funding for the event to $70,000 from $50,000 per year.

Beaumont Arts Council Report (41:07)

The Beaumont Society for the Arts reported to Council on the organization’s activities undertaken with City grant funding in 2022 and the group’s plans for 2023.

Arts Centre Steering Committee Final Report (51:50)

Council received the final report from a steering committee established to identify a location, operating model, potential funding sources, and project specifications for an arts centre in Beaumont.

Local Transit (01:11) [Part 2]

Council received an update on progress of a feasibility study for local transit service.

Quarterly Financial Report (11:19) [Part 2]

Administration presented an update of the City’s finances as of the third quarter of 2022.

Notice of Motion – Construction Waste (38:31) [Part 2]

Council approved a motion by Coun. Ashley Miller directing Administration to report on possible changes to the Community Standards Bylaw to allow more proactive measures to address construction waste.

Committee of the Whole Meeting Notes

November 15, 2022

Land Use Bylaw Review (4:46)

Administration presented the results of a review and public engagement of Land Use Bylaw-related concerns, including parking limits, additional suites, and home-based businesses. The Committee voted to continue discussing the review at a Committee of the Whole meeting on December 20.

Recreational Facility Allocation Policy (1:53:52)

Administration presented a draft policy setting out how recreational facility schedules are allocated among user groups and activities. The Committee referred the policy to Council for approval.

Customer Service Enhancement (0:21) [Part 2]

Administration presented the details of an initiative proposed in the 2023 budget that would enhance customer service for residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the community. The Committee received the report for information.

Traffic Safety Bylaw and Automated Traffic Enforcement (35:23) [Part2]

Administration presented the results of public engagement regarding the City’s Traffic Safety Bylaw that governs dangerous goods routes, parking, and other road use issues. The Committee votes to continue discussion of the bylaw, along with a public engagement and review of Automated Traffic Enforcement, to a Committee of the Whole Meeting on December 20.

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