School Resource Officer

In January 2019, City Council voted in support of hiring the City of Beaumont’s first School Resource Officer (SRO). A School Resource Officer is a uniformed Community Peace Officer who provides a visible presence and positive image in Beaumont’s schools and the community; focused on assisting school administration in ensuring safe school environments, successful students and productive citizens.

Christine Hepburn was hired in August 2019 to fill the School Resource Officer position in Beaumont. She previously served as an RCMP Officer for 11 years, receiving specialized training to support her career. Before coming to Beaumont, Christine worked as an SRO in Wetaskiwin; coordinating the development of their HUB program. HUB is a collaborative, inter-agency group, consisting of various government ministries and community agencies. The focus of the HUB is to assist individuals and families in need.

 Christine enjoys working with the youth in the community and having a positive influence on their day-to-day lives.

What does a School Resource Officer do?

Balancing enforcement with prevention and intervention is the primary function of a SRO. Through partnerships with the Black Gold and STAR Catholic School Divisions and Ecole Saint-Vital School, Christine is proactive in identifying and addressing school concerns and problems. School administrators, staff, students, parents and our community work cooperatively with the SRO to ensure a safe and caring environment for the youth in Beaumont. Each day, Christine attends various schools in Beaumont to participate in school activities and build relationships with students and faculty alike. She assists students in making informed choices through awareness, education and positive role modelling by providing the following services:
  • Participation in school activities
  • Class presentations
  • Lectures
  • Distribution of education resource materials
  • Recess interactions with students
  • Mentoring
  • Counselling
  • Informal school visits and walkthroughs
  • Meetings with students, staff and parents