2020 Budget

2020 Budget Highlights

Council set three priorities for the 2020 budget:

  • Keep the property tax increase at or below inflation, as determined by the Alberta Consumer Price Index.
  • Address Beaumont’s population growth and the need for recreational, sports and cultural facilities.
  • Protect existing services and infrastructure.

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Proposed Sport and Recreation Projects


The 2020 budget includes a 1.6 per cent increase to municipal property taxes, compared to the forecast inflation of 2 per cent, as measured by the Alberta Consumer Price Index.

Increases for water and wastewater utility fees are also included, reflecting increased costs from the regional water and wastewater commissions. There are no changes to garbage collection or utility franchise fees.

  Annual impact on average single-family household ($440,220 assessed value)

  Budget 2019 Budget 2020 Change
Total Municipal
 Property Tax
$2,949.71 $2,995.48 $45.77
Water $567.53 $577.06 $9.53
Wastewater $428.84 $444.84 $16.00

The Alberta government’s 2019 budget included significant reductions to municipal funding. For Beaumont, the impacts were:

  • Municipal Sustainability Initiative – Decrease from 2019 of $270,000, or 9 per cent.
  • Photo Enforcement Revenue – The provincial government increased its share, reducing city revenue by $102,000, or 10 per cent.
  • Child Care Benefit Contribution Grant – The grant is being eliminated, resulting in a reduction of $43,000 for the city.

Operating Expense

The total operating budget for 2020 is $56.2 million.

City administration is focused on containing costs and finding efficiencies in service delivery. The budget does not include a cost-of-living increase for city employees.

Targeted investments in the 2020 operating budget are focused on addressing growth in the community and service enhancements, including:

  • Events to celebrate Beaumont’s 125th anniversary and the community’s Indigenous past and present
  • Additional employees to operate the expanded Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre (formerly Aqua-Fit) when it re-opens
  • A community garden pilot project
  • IT services to modernize the city’s operations and help deliver innovation and efficiencies
  • Assessing the conditions of the city’s roads
  • Replacing firefighting equipment that has reached the end of its lifecycle
  • A program for the planned maintenance of city buildings and facilities
  • Video inspection of the city’s storm and wastewater mains

Capital Projects

The total capital budget for 2020 is $9.9 million. Capital investments are targeted to the priorities of renewing and replacing existing infrastructure, and new facilities to meet the needs of a growing community.

Meeting the Needs of a Growing Community

  • Outdoor rink in the Dansereau neighbourhood
  • Outdoor rink at the Ken Nichol Regional Recreation Centre
  • Baseball diamond and park equipment in Coloniale
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment for the expanded Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre (formerly Aqua-Fit)
  • Feasibility study for an arts facility
  • Conceptual design and geotechnical study for an outdoor multi-use field
  • Detailed design for improvements to Township Road 510
  • Streetscape construction on 50th Avenue, including moving utilities underground
  • The city is also exploring options with the County of Leduc for a joint recreation area that could include baseball diamonds and a dog park.

 Protecting Infrastructure

  • Replacing the roof of the Ken Nichol Regional Recreation Centre
  • Neighbourhood renewal, including the replacement or repair of damaged sidewalks, curbs and roads
  • Repairing the LeBlanc Canal Bridge in Four Seasons Park
  • Refurbishing the Bellevue outdoor rink
  • Overlay work on Township Road 510