Economic Support and Recovery

The City of Beaumont is exploring options to support the Beaumont business community. Members of the city’s economic development team will be reaching out to businesses in the coming days to see what resources they need.

We also encourage residents to support local businesses and workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and buy local whenever possible. Many in our business community are looking at how to keep their doors open, keep staff employed and support their families in this uncertain time.

Please consider the following to support our local economy:

  • Call local businesses first before looking outside the city for products and services.
  • Use pick-up, drive-through or delivery services offered by Beaumont restaurants. While many are no longer providing dine-in seating, they are still open for business.

The governments of Canada and Alberta and other organizations also have supports, resources and information for employers and employees:

  • The Trade Commissioner Service of Canada has compiled resources for Canadian businesses on its website. Learn more here.
  • The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) has increased financing available to entrepreneurs. Learn more here.
  • The Alberta government made changes to the Employment Standards Code to support workers and has compiled information for employers and employers. Learn more here.
  • The Beaumont Chamber of Commerce has many resources for local businesses. Learn more here.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns:
Economic Development Manager, Wendy Jones:, 780-242-8786
Economic Development Specialist, Marlenie Arana:, 780-267-2383
Economic Development Coordinator, Stefanie Fischer:, 780-267-3481

Financial Support

The Government of Canada announced economic measures March 18 to help families and businesses during this challenging period.

The emergency aid plan includes temporary income support for workers and parents, longer-term income support for those facing unemployment, and support for low- and modest-income families. The federal government also extended the tax filing deadline to June 1.

Banks in Canada have committed to providing flexible solutions to those who need it and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has increased its flexibility to defer mortgage payments.

For up-to-date and detailed information, visit the Government of Canada’s website.

The Government of Alberta introduced also new financial relief measures for affected Albertans.

Residents and businesses experiencing financial difficulties now have the ability to delay their utility bill and property tax payments.

Water, wastewater and garbage collection bills

Residents can delay paying their city water, wastewater and curbside (garbage) collection bill until September 30, 2020 without penalty or service cut off. Bills will continue to be sent, but residents can choose to delay payment and pay any time before September 30; penalties will be applied beginning on October 1 if payment has not been made.

Customers who are set up for automatic withdrawals and want to defer their payments must cancel their withdrawals at

A flexible repayment schedule with the city can also be discussed by emailing or calling 780-929-1351.

Property taxes

Homeowners and businesses can also delay paying their property taxes to September 30, 2020 (from June 30, 2020) with no penalty. Penalties will be applied beginning on October 1 if payment has not been made by September 30.

Taxpayers on the monthly property tax plan can choose to withdraw from it by visiting and instead pay their remaining taxes in a lump sum by September 30.

The city’s measures complement programs and resources implemented by the Alberta government to support Albertans and Alberta businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For questions, please contact or 780-929-3306.