Beaumont Broadband Network

The Beaumont Broadband Network will connect residents and businesses throughout the entire city to a fibre optic internet network designed to support internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. 

Following a competitive Request for Proposal process in 2021, the City selected Alberta Broadband Networks (A-NET) – a consortium led by Meridiam and Digital Infrastructure Group – as the preferred proponent to design, finance, construct, own, operate, and maintain the fibre network.

Currently, fibre optic internet is not available to all Beaumont households. This is an ongoing concern for many residents and City Council. Taking this step to ensure every neighbourhood has access to a fibre optic internet service option puts our community at the forefront of the broadband expansion for growing municipalities in the province and in the country.

Construction has begun on the west side of Beaumont and will continue into the next construction season. Completion of the entire network will depend on supply chains and weather conditions but is expected at the end of 2023. 

If you have concerns or questions regarding construction in your neighbourhood, please call A-NET at 1-800-799-9664.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost the City of Beaumont?

The City is not required to pay anything for the construction and ongoing operation of the network. 

As part of the Request for Proposals, the City was looking for a proponent we could collaborate with to bring new technologies to Beaumont to better deliver services to the community. The proponent is committing significant financial resources to support similar projects in the province and is looking for willing partners. Beaumont’s size, its location and the City’s willingness to embrace innovative ideas make it an ideal location for one of the first projects in Canada.

Like any business, the proponent does expect to make a return on its investment. Once the network is built, it will receive revenue from fees charged to internet service providers.

Will this mean my yard and the city streets have to be ripped up to install the fibre optic nework?

Disruption to city streets and property can be kept to a minimum using directional drilling and working within public property, which is located near the sidewalk in the front of your yard. As required, remediation is included to restore the property to its original condition and minimize the impact for residents.

When will fibre optic be installed in my neighbourhood? 

Installation will begin in neighbourhoods located in the west side of Beaumont. As construction progresses, you will see construction signage and door hangers showing up in your community. This will be dependent on weather, supply chains, and other construction.         

What is 10 gigabit? What are the benefits of it?

Ten gigabits, or 10-gig, refers to the amount of data that can be transferred per second – in this case, 10 gigabits per second capacity for uploading or downloading content through the internet.

Residents can expect faster, more reliable internet service once the network is completed, though the actual speed you’ll experience will depend on factors such as your computer or device, your modem or router, and your internet service provider.

Some parts of Beaumont already have one-gigabit per second service. What's the difference?

Currently, not all residents or businesses have access to fibre optic internet. It is important to the City to ensure a reliable, high-speed network is widely available. 

Internet is vital to attract and retain growing businesses – the quality of it matters. 10-gig internet speed will eventually be the standard all over the world. In an economy where location matters less than it did even a year ago, it will be the quality of services that attract high-impact companies and inform people’s choices about where they’re going to live. 

As well, with more people operating home-based businesses or working from home, a reliable, high-speed network is critical.  

What are the benefits to Beaumont?

The project has several potential benefits:

  • Increased speed and reliability of internet services in the community, including to residents, businesses and schools
  • More choice of internet service providers and range of services
  • Support economic growth and jobs by attracting tech and knowledge-based businesses

When can I get service from the network?

Construction began in October 2022 and will continue through the 2023 construction season. We anticipate service to be available to the neighbourhoods undergoing construction this year, by the end of the calendar year. Others will be connected once construction progresses. Details on service packages and rates will be coming soon. Stay connected on our website and on social media for further updates on where residents can get more information. 

Will I be able to keep my current internet service provider?

Absolutely. The intent for this project is to bring another service option to residents. Existing internet service providers, like Telus and Shaw, will still be providing service as usual. The benefit is that residents will have choice in service providers as a result of building the open-access network.

How much will internet service cost from the new network?

We can’t say for certain. But with the potential for more providers offering internet service in Beaumont, consumers could see more competitive prices and service options.

Do I have a choice if I don't want to be connected to the network?

Yes. The broadband initiative provides another option for residents and businesses, should they choose to use it. Whether you choose to sign up with the internet service provider is entirely your decision.