BSRC Policies

COVID-19 Policy
COVID-19 Cancellations:With the move to Step 3 by the Government of Alberta, COVID-19 cancellations are no longer in effect.
All refund or cancellation request follow our current cancellation policies below. 

City of Beaumont Program Policy
Booking Policy:First day of registration up until 7 days before course starts
Cancellation Policy:No refund if less than 7 days before course start date and time.
Refundable if 7 days before course start date and time, minus the administration fee.
Transferable within the same session, pending availability (no fee).
Medical withdrawal is allowed with proof of medical note, prorated for remaining classes at the time of notification.
Administration Fee:$10.25
Note:Personal Training Sessions, Private, and Semi-Private Lessons follow our booking and cancellation policies.

Bookings and Rentals
Booking Policy:Last minute bookings are allowed, pending availability.
Cancellation / Modification Policy:No refund for cancellation if less than 14 days before booking start date and time. No modifications less than 14 days before booking start date and time.
Full refund if 14 days before booking start date and time.

Booking Policy:Pre-purchase is 30 days maximum
Cancellation Policy for Paid in Advance:Paid in Advance:
Not transferable. Not refundable.
*Exceptions made with proof of medical note or change of address.
Cancellation Policy for Recurring:Not transferable.
Refundable once minimum term is met.

Punch Passes
Purchase Policy:Punch Passes expire 2 years from the date of purchase.
Cancellation:Not refundable.
Punch Passes are transferable.
*Exceptions made with proof of medical note or change of address.

Drop-In Fitness Classes
Booking Policy:Bookings can be made by Plus Membership holders from 7 days in advance up until 2 hours before the class. 
Cancellation Policy:Cancellation of bookings can be made at least 2 hours prior to the class. If a member does not show up for three bookings within one year, they will be unable to continue to use the pre-booking service. Guests may cancel and reschedule their bookings on Click-It.

Child Mind Policy
Booking Policy:With the purchase of a Child Minding punch pass, parents and guardian can pre-book child care services in advance. Pre-bookings are only offered to those with Child Minding punch-passes (not drop-in users).
Cancellation Policy:
Refunds will not be provided for no-shows or withdrawals made within 24 hours of the booked time slot (unless a doctor's note/medical certificate is provided).