Councillor Ashley Miller

Ashley Miller was raised in the great community of Beaumont and continues to reside here with her husband of 11 years while raising their two children. Ashley has spent her career in the energy industry in the field of procurement and holds a diploma in Supply Chain Management. 

Growing up, Ashley played many sports including baseball, basketball, and volleyball, and enjoys the camaraderie and positive impacts on mental health that teamwork brings. Prior to the election, Ashley spent time volunteering in community sports and recreation. In 2020, she grew female registration in the sport of baseball from 8 to 70 members and worked with volunteers and coaches to create an inclusive and safe place for all young female members. Ashley has a passion to improve the quality of life for all residents in Beaumont. 

Over the next four years, Ashley’s priorities are safe and connected neighbourhoods, impactful budgeting, and improving our core services. She campaigned on those principles and intends to action them through collaborative work with the City of Beaumont administration, citizens, and her fellow councillors.  

Ashley is honoured to have been elected and would like to thank the residents of Beaumont for their support. She looks forward to taking her platform from ideas to actions.   

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