Councillor Steven vanNieuwkerk

Steven vanNieuwkerk was born in Bashaw, and, was raised in the central Alberta towns of Mirror and Stettler. Steven and his wife Laura have two sons and have called Beaumont home since 2011.

Steven’s background, following university, includes eight years of business ownership and staff management during a 19-year career in environmental consulting. Currently, he provides both environmental and business management services to companies within our region.  

Reflecting on his time as a business owner in Alberta, Steven is a supporter of process, procedure and has a strong understanding of issues before looking to create solutions. Steven believes in “the right people, working on the right tasks.”
 Steven can be found, year-round, at various great events put on in Beaumont, and, on our vibrant trail system with his family. In his spare time, Steven enjoys spending time with his family and friends on the golf course, on camping trips and taking his boys to/from the various extracurricular activities they are involved in!

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