Public Art Opportunities

Public Art: Calling all Artists

The City of Beaumont is searching for artists to provide public art for the Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre (BSRC). If you are a Beaumont and area artist with experience in creating high quality and professional caliber public art, then this call is for you.

The BSRC is a multi-use facility located in the heart of Beaumont. BSRC features a NHL sized arena, hard court gymnasium, turf field house, aquatics centre, two-lane walking track, various multi-purpose spaces, a climbing centre and a fitness centre expansion. Construction on the $29.5-million project began in October 2018 and included an expansion to the existing Aqua-Fit Centre. The recreation facility opened to the public on September 28, 2020.

The City of Beaumont is seeking public art to enhance the vibrancy of the space and provide an opportunity for artistic and cultural expression. Artists are invited to submit existing art or ideas and designs for new public art to the BRSC Art Committee. All visual art forms are acceptable including murals, framed art, fibre art, glasswork, photography, sculpture, mosaic, hanging installations etc.

Preference will be given to artists living in (or are from) Beaumont and region.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a restriction on medium used (i.e. aerosols)?

    We are open to all mediums. As far as working with aerosols, You would need to ensure all safety issues are considered as far as working in an area where staff and the public may be exposed to the paint and aerosol fumes. Also you would need to ensure surrounding areas are not affected by overspray.
  2. Can you explain the terms of an estimated budget for design, creation, installation and contingency funds?

    Consider all aspects of your project when estimating the cost. This will save us any unexpected budget issues and ensure that you the artist is getting paid fairly for your work. When you are estimating your budget, (the amount you will charge the City of Beaumont) be sure to include value for your creative process, hours and supplies to create your project. You do not have to itemize each of these separately in the proposal, but be sure to have considered them before setting your price. In addition, if there are any special requirements for the installation, such as special equipment or hanging systems, please list as a separate item, finally, the contingency fund refers to the fact that there is always a possibility of something happening that was not accounted for. Please add an amount to cover any possible mishaps that could happen in the creation to installation stage.

  3. Is there a format in which you prefer to receive applications? For instance, would you prefer if CV, budget, and timeline are provided within one document?

    It would be acceptable to recieved all components of the proposal in one document. If seperate documents work better for you we just ask that you ensure all documents come in one email.

  4. Am I eligible to apply as an Edmonton artist?

    Yes we accept proposals from artists from any location. Please note: All things being equal (proposal meets goals and art is of high quality), we will give preference to artists living in or who are from the Beaumont area. While we will accept proposals from artists located anywhere, we will not pay for travel or accommodation expenses for artists.
  5. Do you require new visual proposals for each specific wall?

    The request for public art specifies that submissions for new artwork "must include a proposal including a design, sketches or models of the proposed artwork".

  6. Would a printed option, as a method, be considered; or is the preference for a traditional painted mural?

    We are open to both options. Having said that, given the unknowns of Covid restrictions going into 2021, a digital option may be a safe choice.
  7. Are artists are responsible for installing artworks, or should they plan to contract this service?
    City Maintenance staff or contractors will install/hang artwork. We ask that artists provide information on specifics regarding how the work needs to be installed considering, weight of the piece, type of installation hardware that should be used, type of equipment or tools needed. City maintenance staff and equipment will be used where available to install art. Otherwise, the City will contract installation services and rent specialized equipment as necessary. These costs will need to be estimated as part of the budget within your proposal.