Responsible Pet Ownership

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Responsible pet owners are considerate of their neighbours, look after the health and wellbeing of their pet, and ensure their pet is safe and secure. Beaumont’s Animal Control Bylaw includes several obligations pet owners have to both their pet and the community. 

Keep your dog on a leash

Dogs should not be off leash, unless they are on your property or in a designated off-leash area. The fine for violating this bylaw is $100.

Cats are safest indoors

It can be dangerous for cats to roam freely, and has the potential for conflict with neighbours.

Pick up after your pet

Take pride in your community and pick up after your pet. Make sure to carry a bag to pick up your pet’s waste whenever you are out together. The fine for violating this bylaw is $100.

License your pets

Your pets are family! Make sure they can get back home if they get lost. All dogs and cats 6 months or older that reside in Beaumont must have a valid animal license and tags. The fine for failing to obtain a license is $250 and the fine for failing to display a tag is $100.

In addition, no more than three each of either cats or dogs for a total of four cats and dogs combined, are allowed per household.

Spay and neuter your pets

Although this is not legislated in Beaumont, it is best practice to spay and neuter your animal.

Socialize your dogs

Proper positive socialization with other dogs and people is critical for a dog's wellbeing. Starting socialization early can help your dog live a happy and well-balanced life.