Beaumont's Waste Program

The City of Beaumont focuses on our waste program being Smart, Savvy, and Green. We work hard to ensure that we do our part for the environment and our community. That is why Beaumont Waste Services encompasses a curbside collection program that includes waste carts, organics carts, and recycling. 

CLICK HERE for Beaumont's Waste Collection Schedule

Styrofoam Now Accepted at Leduc's Eco Station

As part of a one-year pilot project, the Eco Station in Leduc will now accept white block Styrofoam for recycling.

This service enhancement will allow residents to drop off limited quantities of Styrofoam at the Eco Station for free during regular hours of operation. A mobile processing unit that uses new technology will collect the Styrofoam from the Eco Station one or two times per month. For full details, check out Leduc's page HERE. 

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Recycling Roundup Starts Now Banner Opens in new window

On May 28, 2022 we will be hosting a Recycling Roundup Event on behalf of the Alberta Recycling Management Authority at our Operations facility located at 24130 Township Rd 510. This will allow residents to bring specific items for proper disposal. The initiative will run from 8:30am to 2:00pm, MST. We will be following the current COVID protocols as laid out by the Alberta government.

In the past we have offered rain barrels and compost bins for sale during this initiative. This year, due to changes in our operating plan, these bins will not be offered . However, they are available at Home Depot and Home Hardware stores. You can also purchase these bins online and have them delivered to your home through your preferred online retailer. 

A paper shredding truck will also be on site, so be sure to round up all your old documents that need to be properly disposed of.

If you are not able to make it to this drop off event, please note that you can drop off tons of different approved items at the Leduc Eco Station year round. Full details and information can be found HERE. 

E-Pilot Info

Since 2004, Albertans have been recycling their end-of-life TVs and computer equipment. Starting September 1, 2020, that list has expanded under a two-year pilot project on how to properly recycle these items safely and securely. Example of these products include Small Appliances, Audio/Visual, Telecom Devices, Power/Air Tools, and Games, Toys, and Music.

Alberta Recycling has put together a website with full details, products, collection sites, and facts regarding these items. Full details can be found HERE.

Eligible Items

A full list of eligible items and details on this initiative can be found HERE. We have also broken it down along with linking PDF resources:

  1. Eligible Electronic Products

  2. Eligible Paint Products

  3. Eligible Tire Products

  4. Eligible Oil Products

  5. Eligible Household Hazardous Waste Products

Items Not Accepted

Some items that are NOT accepted are:

  • BBQ’s

  • Appliances (microwaves, stoves, etc.)

  • Other Electronics

  • Furniture

  • Building/ Renovation/ Construction Waste