Water and Ice Rescue

Beaumont Fire Services is prepared to respond to any water or ice emergency. However, citizens must exercise due caution to help keep themselves and our first responders safe.


Many factors affect ice thickness including: type of water, location, the time of year, other environmental factors such as chemicals (salt), changing temperatures, water depth and size of the body of water. These factors mean that although the ice may look strong, there is no way to know the exact condition. It is safest to skate on the designated outdoor rinks within the city.

The City of Beaumont contains several stormwater ponds. Although these stormwater facilities might look frozen enough to walk or skate on, the ice is unpredictable and can be extremely dangerous. Stormwater facilities are different from regular lakes and ponds because they are designed to contain snow melt and storm runoff, to move water through the drainage system and prevent flooding. They are not safe for any sort of recreation because the pipes keep the water continuously flowing beneath the frozen top layer, and the run-off contaminants increase water temperature which compromises the ice quality.

Please obey all posted signage by bodies of water. 

In the event that a rescue is needed, do not attempt to rescue another person by going on the ice. Immediately call 911 – firefighters are trained in performing ice rescues. If you can reach the person from shore, lie down and try using a long pole or branch to extend to the person.