Beaumont Online Survey Panel

The City of Beaumont is growing an inclusive and accessible online resident panel to provide regular feedback on city policies, initiatives, programs, services and issues.

By signing up, you will be able to complete surveys on a wide range of topics at different times throughout the year. The information you provide will help City Council and administration in planning and decision-making to continue making sure Beaumont is a great place to live, play and raise a family.

Survey results are collected and compiled by Y Station, an Edmonton-based research and communications company.

Current Survey

As a Beaumont resident, your views are very important. Your responses to the current online survey will be used to evaluate expectations and satisfaction with City of Beaumont services and initiatives. The survey closes March 24.

Access the survey.

Sign Up for Our Online Panel 

  • At the end of the current survey, you’ll be asked if you want to provide personal information, including your name and contact details.
  • All personal information is kept confidential and individual responses are never reported with identifying information.
  • You’ll receive invitations to complete online surveys in the future. Some surveys may be focused on one topic, while others may ask questions on a range of topics.
  • Survey results will be provided to City Council and posted publicly.