Fire Inspection Checklist

Beaumont Fire Services is committed to the safety of all residents and business owners of Beaumont.

Fire inspections identify potential fire hazards and ensure maintenance of all emergency systems within buildings. Inspections are also public education opportunities to discuss fire prevention practices and a resource to develop ongoing programs.

Beaumont Fire Services has a self-inspection program for businesses and property owners within Beaumont. The program's goal is to help make the City of Beaumont a safer place by educating business and property owners about fire and community safety and to identify and correct any fire or life safety issues.

This program involves the businesses or property owners completing a self-inspection checklist and submitting it to Beaumont Fire Services. We recommend completing this self-inspection on an annual basis. The items checked include the common causes of fire and/or injury in several areas and correlate with the main areas a fire inspector would focus on. This program benefits businesses by educating their employees on safety issues while limiting the disruptions a formal fire inspection could cause a business.

If you are interested in taking part in this program, please click on the link below to access the Self-Inspection Checklist.