Fire Inspections for Businesses in Beaumont

Beaumont Fire Services is committed to the safety of all residents and business owners of Beaumont. To help business owners protect themselves and their customers, Beaumont Fire Services is launching a new fire inspection program.

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Beaumont business owners are invited to join Fire Services staff online for a presentation and Q&A about fire prevention for businesses and what you need to know about inspections.

Prepare your business for fire inspections

Purpose of fire inspections

Fire inspections identify potential fire hazards and ensure maintenance of all emergency systems within buildings. Regular inspections by your local fire inspector are a part of doing business, and you need to be ready when they arrive. Since these visits may be unannounced, the best way to remain prepared is to go through the pre-inspection checklist yourself, to ensure that your business is always in full compliance with the fire code. This will not only help you to avoid expensive fines or even having your business shut down temporarily due to code violations, it can also protect your staff, property, and your livelihood.

What is the fire inspector looking for during an inspection?

The purpose of a fire inspection to ensure that your building is equipped for a fire emergency. This means all emergency and fire protection safety measures in place are fully operational. A few things an inspector may check include your building’s fire sprinkler system, electrical outlets, storage of hazardous materials, number of portable fire extinguishers, and the clearance of the entrance and exit to your building. Blocked exits, overloaded electrical outlets, insufficient extinguishers for the size of your building, or missing emergency signage would be a few examples of red flags during a fire inspection.

How can I prepare for a fire inspection?

Prepare for your fire inspection in advance by using the pre-inspection checklist. Some important things to remember: 

  • Correct any violations before the Fire Inspector arrives. 
  • Identify any known fire hazards and take action to correct these hazards. 
  • Gather all required documentation. 
  • Schedule inspection of your fire protection systems and electrical system if you’ve missed regular maintenance inspections.
  • Make repairs of fire protection systems/electrical issues as needed.

Businesses and owners can also use the Fire Code Reference Manual to ensure occupant safety and compliance with the National Fire Code – Alberta Edition (2019)

How do I create a Fire Safety Plan?

Please refer to the Fire Safety Plan Guide and Template to assist you with creating a site-specific fire safety plan for your business.

How do I book an inspection?

Contact Fire Services at 780.929.6185 or