Playground Renewal Program 2021

Four Seasons Park Overview

The City of Beaumont is excited to kick off our renewal program in Four Seasons Park. We have identified that Four Seasons Park is a great candidate as it's an outstanding park, has diverse leisure options, and offers a variety of green space, playfields, fishing and infrastructures that are enjoyed by the community.

The City of Beaumont undertook a playground renewal to add to the unique personality within Four Seasons Park. Our goal is to support the space by helping secure this location as a destination for families and the community to enjoy for years to come. Building a new structure is one thing, but because of how this impacts the residents using the new playground, we created an opportunity to engage our residents voice for their preference in the playground design process.

New Playground Officially Open! 

We are excited to announce that the new playground structure at Four Seasons Park will be officially open as of October 8, 2021!

We can’t thank you, the residents and the community enough for your help and support in making this a reality. Back in the spring of this year, we embarked on letting everyone vote on which playground they would love to have in Four Seasons Park. We got over 600+ votes, with 49% of you choosing the concept now in place for your enjoyment! For complete details on the voting initiative, check out the details below! 

IMG_20211004_133345 (1)

Playground Winner (Voting Initiative)

After an amazing turnout from our community and residents for our voting initiative, we were blown away with how many votes came through. With over 600+ confirmed submissions, you all gave amazing feedback and we are now excited to announce the concept design that won. With a whopping 49%, Concept B has been selected as the new structure design and layout for the playground at Four Seasons Park! 

Construction began on August 11, 2021 with the park officially opening on October 8, 2021 We can't wait for all of you to enjoy the new structure and we look forward to serving you.

Concept B