Asset Management

A system used by business or government to accurately track costs and conditions of all owned materials including but not limited to equipment, vehicles, buildings, utilities, traffic control, asphalt and concrete over the span of its life.

 What role does Asset Management play in the City of Beaumont?

A combination of Cityworks (AMS) and GIS (Geographic Information System) are used as the primary asset management system in the City of Beaumont.

  • Asset information is entered into the GIS then accessed by Cityworks.
  • Cityworks allows Operators to apply any repair/maintenance costs to assets.
  • Through preventive maintenance inspections, an asset lifecycle can be tracked and extended. Cityworks provides an asset condition score after inspections are completed. This condition score can be applied to a graph to provide a visual representation of an asset’s lifecycle.
  • Asset management systems can assign an estimated life span to an asset. Budgets can then be set to include asset replacement on a proactive schedule instead of a reactive occurrence.
  • Residents can aid the city with its asset management system by calling in or using the Service Beaumont portal to report issues with the city assets.