Urban Design

Urban Design 

Urban design is about the placement and design of new buildings and the spaces between them. The Beaumont Urban Design Guidelines ensure the ongoing development of attractive buildings that reflect Beaumont’s French heritage and our evolving role as an urban center. The guidelines provide direction on how traditional and contemporary French character can be encouraged as our city grows.

There are three overarching design principles for urban design in Beaumont:

History and Identity

History and identity are to be reflected in the architectural quality of buildings, the signage and wayfinding that express Beaumont’s French history as well as its place on Treaty 6 territory, the traditional gathering place for diverse Indigenous peoples of this region.

Quality and Durability

Quality and durability must be expressed in the choice of building materials, attention to detail and street furniture and lighting for building sites. Buildings should be built for our four seasons.

Accessibility and Adaptability

Accessibility and adaptability can provide greater livability for Beaumont residents. Streets and buildings should provide universal access and be accessible to people of all ages and forms of mobility. 

Business owners, builders, land owners, and developers review the Beaumont Urban Design Guidelines and incorporate applicable guidelines into their development applications prior to submission.

  1. How are the Beaumont Urban Design Guidelines applied?
  2. The Design Review Committee
  3. What applications are subject to review by the Design Review Committee?
  4. Submission requirements for Design Review Committee
  5. Committee members for 2021-2023

The design guidelines are applicable city-wide, but the required elements are different depending on whether the development is located within Centre-Ville or outside of Centre-Ville and what type of building is being constructed. The guidelines are based on the form of the building itself and not the type of uses within the building or the zoning of the development.

Area of Application Map

Beaumont-wide Design Guidelines (outside of Centre-Ville)

This section of the guidelines applies to all developments outside of Centre-Ville, with an emphasis on contemporary French architecture in civic/institutional buildings and contemporary architecture in other building types. See here.

Centre-Ville Design Guidelines

This section of the guidelines applies to developments within Centre-Ville. Centre-Ville is the heart of Beaumont, and has an emphasis on traditional French architecture along our main street area (50 Street and 50 Avenue) and in civic/institutional buildings. Other buildings within Centre-Ville may use more contemporary forms of architecture, although traditional French architecture is encouraged. See here.