Garage sale guidelines

As we transition out of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, we continue to ask all Beaumont residents to practice healthy hygiene habits and physical distancing (maintaining an appropriate distance from others) to prevent the spread of germs

Do not hold or attend garage sales if you are feeling unwell. 

Permits and signage for garage sales

Garage sales in Beaumont do not require a permit. 

Residents are required to follow rules around placing garage sale signs, as outlined in Beaumont’s Land Use Bylaw (section 4.4.6).

  • Size: Your sign must not be larger than 0.6 metres square (i.e. 80 centimetres by 80 centimetres/31.5 inches by 31.5 inches in dimension) 
  • Duration: You can display your sign up to two days before and two days after your garage sale.
  • Safety: Your sign must not interfere with sight lines along a road or any other thoroughfare (including shared use paths, trails). 
  • Location: You can place your sign on public boulevards and rights-of-way, or on your private property. Do not place a garage sale sign on city infrastructure (power pole, street light pole, traffic light pole, street furniture), or on a tree.