Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a multi-disciplinary approach for reducing crime and fear of crime. CPTED strategies aim to reduce victimization, deter offender decisions that precede criminal acts, and build a sense of community among inhabitants so they can gain territorial control of areas to reduce crime opportunities. CPTED uses architecture, urban planning, and facility management. It also addresses the social environment by building a sense of community, thereby reducing the motivations for crime. The physical environment cannot be divorced from the social environment in which it operates. 

The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) guidelines aim to support the development of safe, welcoming and inclusive public places and communities throughout the City of Beaumont as it grows. They are intended to give Beaumont Administration and development proponents concise, research-based tools to assist with the planning and review of new development and public places. They also provide a framework for implementation that coordinates the direction provided in other City plans and policies.

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