Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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The City of Beaumont is excited to announce that the supply and installation of fitness equipment in one of our parks will happen during 2022! Michelob Ultra has kindly offered to donate a TrekFit exercise pod in one of our parks. This not only aligns with our Recreation, Parks and Facilities Master Plan but also helps us create a more livable, vibrant and healthy community for all types of recreation activities. 

TrekFit Park Voting Survey

As part of this initiative, we want to involve the residents in helping select which park location would be best. We put together a quick survey that ran until June 10, 2022. We are currently compiling the votes for the park that will be selected for the equipment to be installed at. 

Location Note: The suggested locations are for a generalized suggested area of where the equipment will be installed. Specific location within each park will be determined once we know which park residents would like the zone to be in. 

TrekFit Pod Examples

Equipment Example